A friend indeed is a friend in need

Hello guys! I'm coming now after disappearing from my blog for about a week ago. Many activities made me busy and late to update my blog.:) I've to finish my work like writing and finishing my students' progress report books. Then reported the work of committee I joined in my school. Hemmm...it took my times.

I thank God. Now I'm free to do everything because I've finished my work. Then I'm packing and preparing for leaving for Jakarta on Wednesday, June 24. I'm really happy after three years in Gorontalo then I'm going home.

Living three years in Gorontalo gave me many experiences about the cultures and Gorontalonese costumes and characters. They are very kind and I have many friends here.Hiks :( I've to leave them here for few days later. Keep spirit and communication my friends. I'll be ready and always be your best friend although in far distance. A friend indeed is a friend in need.

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