My First Experience Using CMS Formulasi

After following the seminar of Education and Technology that was held in one of Islamic Boarding school in Tegal, Ahmad Dahlan, I got big spirit to improve my knowledge about IT. The seminar told about how to make our school different from other one with its own branding. It also told about the establishing the School Website with CMS (Content Management System) Formulasi that is very powerful for school website with it's complete plugins and modules that appropriate for many schools in Indonesia.

I've just tried to install it on my localhost computer. I feel happy with my experience for successful of installing and trying best of CMS Formulasi. I'm using CMS Lokomedia for my first experience of establishing website even I never studied about it. This morning I tried to use CMS Formulasi for school website and I feel happy for it. Because my question "How to make a powerful school website" was by CMS Formulasi. Thanks for Akhi Faozan Mahanani as the founder of CMS Formulasi.


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